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The top colognes for 2022 are shown below:

Just like a signature cocktail, a custom perfume has become the new routine in the beauty industry. Choosing the right fragrance is an important task.

Kalliope Amorphous, perfumer at Black Baccara Artisan Perfumes, who has been a perfumer for fifteen years, says that some of the main problems with choosing the right perfume are not knowing what fragrances are out there, not understanding how they interact and change as you wear them, trying too many perfumes at once and tiring your senses, or starting with heavier perfumes before moving on to lighter ones.

Perfume notes are the ingredients that make up a fragrance, and they work much like notes in music. When multiple notes are combined, they form chords that give perfumes their unique structure and presence, Amorphous says. “Base notes are the notes that anchor the fragrance and last the longest, while top notes are often the first to be smelled but disappear the quickest.

Since there are so many perfumes on the market, we have picked out some of the most popular scents to help you find the right one. You’ll also find expert tips and answers to common questions about perfume.

Here are the best perfumes of 2022:

YSL Black Opium

Perfume is personal, so it depends on what your nose likes, says Stacey Bresnahan, founder of Laubahn Perfumes. If your nose likes slightly sweet and musky scents, this is the product for you, as the black opium awakens the senses. The coffee accord and orange blossom are mild, but at the same time intense and perfect for the evening.

Flower bomb

Bresnahan recommends that when choosing the right perfume, first try perfumes with a familiar scent and see how they smell on you. If you love the scent of flowers, this perfume is perfect for all occasions because it smells like a floral bouquet of jasmine, freesia, and rose petals, enriched with an addictive scent of patchouli and vanilla.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle

This seductive perfume has a tangy, bold, floral-woody scent. The middle notes tend to last much longer than the top notes, adding depth to the fragrance experience, Bresnahan says. With accords of jasmine and May rose, it’s a classic fragrance for any age group.

Miss Dior.

Choose perfumes that make you feel a certain way, says Emma Vincent, perfumer at Lush. “Could it smell calming or uplifting or give you confidence-is that what you need right now?” If you want to feel beauty and joy, this optimistic fragrance that smells like thousands of flowers is the way to go.

Lush Karma

If you want to try something new, Vincent recommends experimenting with different perfumes. “Maybe one day I’d like to wear a confident perfume, like the Nero I created for Lush, which I’ll pair with my wedding scent Confetti from Lush. The perfumes are not too contradictory, and I can have confidence and comfort at the same time.” The perfume Lush Karma contains patchouli, Brazilian orange and Siberian fir and is a spicy yet relaxing blend.

The Body Store White Musk Lover

When choosing a perfume, the categories of floral, gourmand or woody are likely to be helpful, Vincent says: “They can serve as a general starting point for perfumes you like. I tend to like balsamic, gourmand perfumes, although I actually buy and formulate more floral fragrances.” White Musk Lover by The Body Store has floral and sensual notes that make you feel powerful and sublime.

Charlotte Tilbury The Scent of a Dream

When you set out to find the right perfume, consider the occasion you want to wear it for, says Daniela Dressel, general manager of Boticario U.S. Charlotte Tilbury’s unique “floral chypre” perfume Harmony is like an expensive bottle of champagne you want to pop on special occasions.
Byredo Gypsy Water
If you are looking for a perfume for special occasions, consider perfumes with richer notes that will last throughout the evening, Dressel says. Byredo’s Gypsy Water has a woody aroma. This unisex perfume has an addictive blend of sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Care Perfume

Dressel points out that studies have shown that stimulating the sense of smell has a direct effect on mood, which is something to consider when looking for your ideal fragrance. Eau Dynamisante Treatment Fragrance by Clarins is the brand’s first fragrance and body treatment in a spa-fresh formula designed to calm the nerves.

Fenty Eau de Parfum

There are many reasons why fragrances can smell different on two different people, Amorphous says, but the most important reason is body chemistry. Rihanna created this fragrance specifically for her own body and decided to share it with the world. A unique blend of

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